Application Requirements:

Any veterinarian desiring a license to practice veterinary medicine in Arkansas may make written application to the Board showing that he/she is:

  1. At least 21 years of age:
  2. A citizen of the United States or a resident alien.
  3. A person of moral integrity and acceptable ethical standards.

The application shall contain other information and proof as required by regulation of the Board and shall be accompanied by an application fee established by the Board. This fee shall not be refundable.

Other information required:

  1. A copy of the applicant's diploma from an accredited veterinary school or an affidavit from the dean of such veterinary school certifying the applicant's ability to graduate if he/she has not graduated at the time he application; but a copy of the diploma must be submitted upon availability and before the exam date;
  2. A certified veterinary school final transcript(after graduation);
  3. ECFVG Certificate (if applicable);
  4. National Board Exam & Clinical Competency Test scores provided by AAVSB's Veterinary Information Verifying Agency (VIVA). A 70% or better converted score using the Norm-Referenced Testing Method is required on the NBE & CCT taken before December, 1992. A passing score using the Criterion-Referenced Testing Method is required on the NBE & CCT after December, 1992.
  5. Passing score on the NAVLE (after April of 2000).

Each applicant will be responsible for having the scores of the NBE and CCT (NAVLE after April, 2000) transferred to this office via VIVA (use enclosed form).

If you have questions regarding the transfer of your NBE, CCT or NAVLE scores, contact:

American Assn. Of Veterinary State Boards
Veterinary Information Verifying Agency
380 West 22nd Street, Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64108
(877) 698-VIVA (Toll free)

The scores made on the NBE/CCT or NAVLE and taken in another state will be accepted in Arkansas.

License by Endorsement:

(Only applies to applicants who have not taken the NBE and/or CCT):

The Board, at its discretion, may issue a license by endorsement to a qualified applicant who furnishes evidence that he/she is a veterinarian, and who has:

  1. For the five (5) years prior to filing application, been a practicing veterinarian and licensed in a state, territory or district of the United States having license requirements at the time the applicant was first licensed which are substantially equivalent to the requirements of this Chapter; or
  2. Qualified as a diplomat of a specialty board approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association; or
  3. Been awarded a post graduate degree in veterinary medicine; or
  4. Been recognized as a expert in the veterinary profession.

The Board may examine (orally or practically) any person applying for a license by endorsement provided that said applicant has had no disciplinary proceedings pending or completed in another jurisdiction.


We will accept scores made on these exams from any state in which they have been taken (no time limit).


After April of 2000, the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Examination) will replace the NBE & CCT exams. Candidates must complete a board application form ($100) and a NAVLE application form (cashier's check or money order in the amount of $525 to be mailed to NBVME with their application form). The State Board application must be received in our office at least 30 days prior to the NAVLE deadline.


State Board Exam:

All applicants are required to complete a written exam conducted by the Board composed of, but not limited to, the AR Veterinary Medical Practice Act, state and federal statues relating to prescription and/or controlled drugs, ethics of veterinary medicine, and rules and regulations of the AR Livestock & Poultry Commission, USDA-APHIS and Rabies Control.

Poultry Specialty applicants are required to complete a written exam consisting of 100 multiple choice and true-false questions on poultry veterinary medicine. A license will be issued to applicants with a 70% or better score on the State Board Exam and a passing score on the National Board Exam.

Temporary Permit:

A Temporary Permit may be issued upon request to a qualified applicant for license pending examination. If a Temporary Permit is desired, check "YES" on the application form and submit the additional $50 fee. All information required for application must be complete before a Temporary Permit will be issued

Board regulations require that ALL applicants appear before the Board for a jurisprudence exam. This exam will be scheduled by the Board's executive Secretary and is generally held in June of each year.

All information required in the application must be received in the Board office 30 days prior to the exam date.

AR Veterinary Board
P.O. Box 8505
Little Rock, AR 72215