Complaints Against Veterinarians:

If you have a complaint against a licensee, you must call the Board office and request an "Official Complaint Form".

Persons wishing to file a complaint against a licensed veterinarian may do so by completing the form furnished by the Board. The complaint should contain detailed information (names, dates, etc.) on what events occurred that appeared to involve unethical or unprofessional conduct by a veterinarian; a copy of the patient's medical record should be submitted with the complaint.

The owner of the animal must file the complaint - the Board cannot accept a complaint filed by a second party.

A complaint must be filed within one year from the time the incident occurred until the time the complaint is filed.

After the complaint is received in the Board office, the veterinarian is required to respond in writing and instructed to forward all pertinent medical documents for the Board's review.

Upon receipt of the veterinarian's answer, the matter is placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the Board and the members are sent all the information pertaining to the case. The Board members read and study the information so they can have informed discussions at the meeting and make the necessary decisions on the cases before them at that time.

After the meeting, the complainant is notified in writing of the Board's decision in the case.

AR Veterinary Board
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