The Veterinary Medical Practice Act, Chapter 101, states that all licensed veterinarians in the State of Arkansas are required to attend continuing educational programs in the twelve (12) months preceding each renewal period (April 1 thru March 31) each year.

The postgraduate study or attendance at an institution or education session approved by the board shall be considered equivalent to continuing educational requirements.

The board shall have the right to prescribe the type and character of postgraduate study to be done by any licensed veterinarian in order to comply with the requirements of Chapter 101.


The minimum standards for continuing veterinary medical education shall be:

20 Credit hours each year (prior to license renewal).

  1. 10 Hours must be in the area of veterinary medicine & surgery.
  2. 5 Hours will be accepted in the area of practice management, business seminars, veterinary computer ed & vet videos.
  3. 4 hours will be accepted for visitation with a colleague (not associated with your practice)


Credit hours may be earned as follows:

One (1) hour of credit for each hour of attendance at in-depth seminars such as: AVMA sponsored seminars, AAHA meetings, state association seminars, schools of veterinary medicine, academies or others approved by the board.

Only one (1) hour of credit will be given for each local district meeting (not to exceed four hours per year w/o approval of the board prior to license renewal.


Each veterinarian must keep a record of credit hours earned. Each year you will be required to certify as to the number of credit hours earned on a form provided by this board. This form will be mailed to each veterinarian at the time of annual renewal.

The following information should be retained in order to complete your annual renewal form:

  1. Name of course, session or meeting attended
  2. Sponsoring organization (state, local, national, college, etc.)
  3. Location of meeting (address, city, state)
  4. Dates attended (month, day, year)
  5. Hours attended (credit hours)
  6. Name of practitioner visited
  7. Practitioner's complete address
  8. Practitioner's phone number
  9. Month, day and year of visit
  10. Hours of visitation


The board may excuse a licensee from the annual educational requirements in any of the following instances:

  1. When no educational program meeting the requirements approved by the board is conducted within the state;
  2. In the event of an unusual emergency;
  3. If that person holds an INACTIVE license; or,
  4. Medical excuse (a written statement from your physician is required).


Each license holder must fulfill the annual educational requirements at his/her own expense. The registration fee for annual educational requirements is not included in the license renewal fee.

The board may, upon written request from any veterinarian, approve continuing educational seminars that meet the minimum requirements of this board. A copy of the agenda, the topics of discussion, the speakers, the sponsors and the number of lecture hours should be included in the request. Out-of-state association meetings are accepted provided the required in-depth seminar hours are met.

The board has approved one hour of credit for each hour of attendance at the following:

  1. All state association meetings
  2. AVMA national meetings
  3. Auburn University, Short Courses
  4. Western States Veterinary Conference
  5. Central Veterinary Conference
  6. Tulsa County VMA
  7. Memphis/Shelby County VMA
  8. American Society of Tropical Medicine

The board has further approved the following methods of continuing education:

The Compendium on Continuing Education, a monthly publication, Verification is required from the University of PA School of Veterinary Medicine (board approved two credit hours per year)

AR Veterinary Board
P.O. Box 8505
Little Rock, AR 72215